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About Us

March 13, 2018

About Us

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We are an Iranian company, keeping a tradition alive. Our job is Saffron, from cultivation to the exportation all over the world, just like our forefathers have ever done. What makes us an exclusive firm is not only just being Persian and grow saffron in its motherland, but our superior quality is based on professional, modern production line that is running by the international experts.

Quality Control

“Export-oriented”, that is our slogan. After harvest, quality control operation starts to work. We make sure that our entire saffron has been standardized and is ready to export.


The process of designing, evaluating, and producing packages all are done by us. In addition to quality, a major part of our job is to confirm healthy saffron. It will be reached by our principled packing.


Iranian or Persian saffron has a large export market. As a producer you will not survive in this ocean unless being a connoisseur. Based on the evidence what do you think about us? Could we swim in this turbulent ocean?

Why us?

The most important reason for choosing us is our consuming passion. We want to learn more, make new partners and develop our business. It comes true only if we perform our job correctly. When we talk about Persian saffron you could be sure it is the best one in terms of quality and price. We have told you something about our saffron quality but if you are curious about the other aspect here it is: our economic policy is based on extending business territory by organizing the minimum profit in every single deal. It helps us find more customers plus making more strong bonds and international relations. Finally, if you are seeking a trustable business partner, could count on us, it does not matter you are a retailer or a giant wholesaler, just call us now!