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Short About Saffron Price

June 5, 2018

Short About Saffron Price

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How much would you pay for a single thread of saffron?

Let’s consider a semi-jokingly semi-seriously condition, If I offer you a kilo of gold in exchange for the same amount of saffron, would I get a good deal or you? This is a thorny question that could not been answered firmly, isn’t it? Although in this petite article, we are going to depict what is the reason for such a high value of saffron.

First of all, we should know that the saffron is not only just a valuable spice but also it could be announced as a special natural medicine. In all various physical and mental aspects of human health, saffron has played a significant historical role. For instance, in order to get well from war’s wounds, Alexander the Great had used to bath in saffron, Cleopatra as well for beauty purposes. Furthermore, it is famous that Iranian used to consume saffron for calmness, happiness, chilling out and so many this and that.

The same story is popular also familiar nowadays. Day after day, so many scientific papers confirm massive saffron health advantages. These elements along with the strange production process have been made of saffron the most priceless spice.

In more sophisticated words for having a kilo of saffron, hectares of farming land would be needed. Also, it should be noted that the entire farming procedure is done by the traditional methods. This fact is not only a consequence of lag in agriculture developing but also an absolute requirement for harvesting genuine saffron. In the end, we have got to touch on a serious issue. You know that saffron has been only grown in specific areas? In fact, due to the saffron plant’s   serious sensitive feature it only grows in certain environmental conditions that are found in Iran, India and maybe parts of Spain.

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