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Something About Saffron Plant You Need to Know

June 10, 2018

Something About Saffron Plant You Need to Know

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Have you ever known that saffron is the only spice, which comes from a flower? Yes, it is.

Although this golden reddish spice has so many special and unique features, its plant plays a significant role among them. Let’s take a look at our magical plant that is harvesting in October, planting in July and consuming all over the year.

About Saffron Plant

A Great History Behind

While Saffron plant has been known at least for three thousand years, it still is an unknown and rare spice. Saffron plant has plenty of demands to grow, from the environmental condition to the geographical location and particular farming methods. All in all, the flavor of Mediterranean and Oriental dishes has not gained like a piece of cake, it has history and growing process is all in tears.

Geographical location

Recent studies are shown saffron could be farmed in any location even indoors, but the question is about the quality. For illustration, all of us could play football from childhood, though becoming a “Maradona” is not guaranteed and depends on so many different requirements such as talent, training with an expert couch in a standard academy and so on. Loosely translation of this metaphor is: saffron plant could not be farmed in the genuine level of quality unless does take seriously.

From a geographical point of view Iran, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Greece and Italy have the potential of growing the genuine saffron plant. The procedure and specific farming methods are the other issues. For instance, putting the seeds underground has to be done in a certain way by hand. The farm condition must be monitored day by day and for farmers, the saffron plant harvesting is a “flower picking up six inches from the ground” mission.

To sum up, about the saffron plant we could firmly say that this plant is kind of a human. It means saffron plants have different personalities with different requests and demands.

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